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Hello again Chapter 2
Hello Again; Chapter 2
A/N: The final chapter of this story, basically the same moment, told from Avalon's point of view.
Avalon sighed, as he threw off his clothes and plunged into bed. His capture by Darkar left him weak and exhausted. After a quick recap of what happened when he was away, Faragonda offered him a room to rest. Sure, he would rather be at the front-lines together with the faeries, but he could barely stand. So, pulling up the sheets, Avalon prepared to go to sleep.
A knock on his door and Avalon groaned, who would want to see him? Certainly not any of the faeries.
"Who's there?" He asked to whoever was outside his room. No answer came for a few moments, before a young elf with golden eyes and long brown hair entered, dressed in white pants and a green vest, quite handsome actually. "Oh, and you are...?" Avalon asked friendly, the elf seemed quite timid around him, borderlining at being nervous.
"It's, erhm... Palladium, I'm a proffesor at Elfea." The elf stuttered.
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Character Design- Wizgiz :iconchocolatesmoothie:chocolatesmoothie 39 9 So Desperately :iconrebelsorceress:RebelSorceress 20 4 Let Me Show You Avalon :iconrebelsorceress:RebelSorceress 37 24
Hello again
Hello again
Summary: It's quite obvious that Palladium's fond of Avalon. But what if he finds out that it was a fake? It's basically the real first meeting between Avalon and Palladium from Palladium's POV. Warning, slash and spoilers, so if you don't like that, don't read this.
There he stood, in front of Avalon's bedroom. Palladium sighed, ever since he heard about the shadowclone kidnapping Bloom, he felt slightly depressed. Of course he felt sorry for his student, but the real reason for his frown was different. And now he needed to confirm something. Just how much did the real Avalon look and act like his Shadowclone, and what about the man's feelings? The nervous elf knocked at the door.
"Who's there?" Avalon asked, Palladium didn't answer. He sounded the same... probably looked the same as well. But would he act the same? Slowly he opened the door and stepped in. "Oh, and you are...?" He was right, Avalon looked exactly the same, the same hair, same face, same clothes, although
:iconp-girl1986:P-girl1986 9 2
Stage fright
Avalon didn't feel to good, in fact, he felt sick.
Why oh why did Faragonda pick me?
Was all he could think as he sat at his desk, looking at the papers in front of him. They contained an essay about the history of the Paladins, something which Avalon knew all about, naturally. But writing about it wasn't the problem. The fact that he had to read it in front of the entire school including some last year Specialist who were interested in the proffesion. The auditorium would be packed, and his pride couldn't let him inform Faragonda about an error that would become a real big problem.
Avalon had stage fright.
He tried to tell, but Faragonda was so enthusiastic that he couldn't get a word in between until it was to late; he had agreed on doing this. Sure, he had no problem standing in front of a classroom, or opening his mouth during a meeting, but in front of so many people... he needed help.
Maybe Griselda? No, she would be to uptight. Faragonda? No, if she finds out she would give me a
:iconp-girl1986:P-girl1986 13 6
White Demon and Angel
White Demon and Angel
Suggested Theme:
Main Theme- A White Demon Love Song by Killers
"White demon love song down the hall" Here I am again, crying in a closet because my love left me again. How history repeats itself and I thought I had learned my lesson the last time, but no my feelings trumped over my common sense. I feel like I have lost my virginity again because when it happened he left me all sticky and cold.
"White demon shadow on the road" I thought our love would last longer this time, but it turns out he was nothing but an evil clone of him. Maybe I was cursed when I was little that all my lovers will eventually hurt me, wouldn't be surprised. I was so angry and arrogant back then, but now I'm sticky and completely naïve.
"Back up your mind, there is a call" Was I just born naïve or do I just attract the wrong kind of people? It would be a lie to say I haven't enjoyed spending time with him, even if mostly we do together is "do" each other, and it would also be
:iconashangel101010:ashangel101010 3 2
Mature content
Love and Lust Go Hand in Hand :iconashangel101010:ashangel101010 3 0
Dangerous Love :iconcitrusy-fun:Citrusy-fun 29 33
TMOAH - It's Against Nature
Saturday, 6:30 a.m. Alfred's room.
16 year old Alfred lay on his bed, twisting and turning in his sleep while whimpering and mumbling incoherent words.
"Alfred. Alfred dear, wake up!" his mother said, as she shook his shoulder, trying to wake him up.
"No!" Alfred screamed as he suddenly awoke and sat up in his bed, breathing heavily. He also startled his mother when he did this.
"Another bad dream," he said close to a whisper.
"Alfred sweetheart, what's going on? This is the forth time this week you've been having those bad dreams." His mother said to him.
"It's really nothing mom," he said to his mother, trying to convince her that everything was ok so she wouldn't worry. But he knew she wouldn't let it slide this time.
A few months ago, another Hedgehog family had come to live in Gnarly Woods. They have two daughters and a son. One daughter is around Alfred's age, the other is three years old and the son is about Lily's age who is now 11 years old.
About a month after the new Hedgeho
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